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The tower belonged to the Pertusio family, the local lords, until the first half of the XIVth century, when it was acquired by the Pagla brothers. A few years later their heir, Conraone, sold the tower to Giacomo d'Acaja, lord of Piedmont. He made this property over to his brother, bishop Tomaso of Savoy. So the tower and the surrounding lands became a Turin's bishops' fief.

torrione's drawing


Between 1390 and 1400, while bishop Giovanni di Rivalta was residing in Villarbasse, the battlements were filled with stones, walls were built with bricks, and the tower was elevated to two- storey.

  south's window picture   black and white west window's drawing

Please note the difference between the original painting and the actual painting of the window.



The machicolation and the window frames were built during this time, as well as the new battlements, with Ghibelline style merlons. Unfortunately the machicolation and windows decorations have mostly faded away.

drawing of the machicolation



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